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Are you available on weekends? Or at the turns of months?

Yes, we are available every weekday and every day of the month. However, most common days for moving are at the ends and turns of months, and those days are usually very busy and booked early. We recommend you to contact us as early as possible to book the desired date.

Are you available outside Tampere region?

Yes, we are available in Tampere region and all around Finland. We have very affordable cost per kilometer, which makes us an excellent choice for long distance transportations.

I need to move a piano from one address to another. Could you help me with that?

Yes we could! Single-item transportations and other smaller consignments are included in our range of services.

I already have help in carrying the movables, and I only need a driver and a van. Would that be ok?

Yes, that would be ok. Our customers can feel free to either participate themselves or leave everything to us. However, the driver will always carry. The driver will take with him one or more extra pair of hands for carrying only when needed and when agreed upon in advance with the customer.

I am not exactly sure when the moving day is. Can I still make a tentative reservation?

We are sorry to say that we cannot take in tentative or vague reservations. Tentative or vague reservations usually have a high probability of being cancelled or rain checked on short notice, both of which pose a risk both to our company and to our customers. First of all, cancelling on short notice can make it difficult to make up for the lost job. Second, there is no way we could guarantee that the date and time for the rain check is still available.

Are cost estimate and final cost the same, and what is cost estimate based on?

Our aim is to estimate the cost of the move as precisely as possible.  The cost estimate is based on two factors: 1) on the information the customer has given us (and possibly on a free-of-charge visit on the spot), and 2) on a presumption that the customer will be responsible and take care of appropriate packing, preferably according to our instructions. Comprehensive moving and packing instructions will be given to the customer when placing an order.  All kinds of surprises on the moving day may prolong the working hours and, consequently, increase the estimated cost. The final cost is always determined by the realized working hours and content of the service.

What does the final cost consist of?

The final cost consists of at least two components: 1) the driver´ s working hours, and 2) the kilometers driven.  The driver´ s working hours include driving from the starting point to the 1st address, carrying and loading the movables in the 1st address, driving from the 1st address to the 2nd  address, and unloading and carrying the movables in the 2nd address. If the 2nd address is located in Tampere, the working hours of the driver will come to an end when all the movables have been carried into the new apartment and the van is empty. If the 2nd address is located outside Tampere, driving from the 2nd address back to the starting point is also included in the driver´ s working hours.  Our geographical starting point is located in Tampere, 33520, at the University Hospital. The final cost can also include costs resulting from different kinds of additional services that the customer may have chosen. Information about our prices can be found here.

Could you install my dishwasher in my new apartment? Or assemble my bookshelf?

Yes. There are seats for two passengers. The ride is free-of-charge for the customer(s), but for extra passenger(s) we charge a small additional fee. We make decisions on pets on case-by-case basis. The type and size of the pet, the length of the drive and the remaining space in our van are taken into account. For transporting pets we charge a small additional fee. In both cases the ride has to be agreed upon in advance.

What kind of insurance policy do you have?

We have the statutory road transport insurance (20 €/kg).

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